Your beautiful campus

Hello everyone, I am back again with another post! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I understand some of you may have never been to Manchester(thus have never seen our campus) before, so today we are going to get familiar with the buildings on our beautiful campus. As you are reading this, the campus is undergoing a heavy development with 1 billion(wow emoji) investment over the next ten years(click here if you want to learn more😃)

The University place

This is where you will need to go to collect your student ID, so I advise you to come here first and get your ID. The unique “Tin can” look will be very hard for you to miss.


Alan Gilbert Learning Common

Commonly known as the “The LC” or “Ali G”, you can study here, sleep here(no, am not joking), eat here, make friends here,… this place will consume you and eventually you will call this your second home. opens 24/7 too!

ali g.jpg

University of Manchester Library

The university has two libraries, one is in city centre which is about 30min walk away from campus, and the other is on campus by the LC.

Below is the campus library(it’s really big inside but it does run out of spaces during busy weeks such as the weeks before midterms and finals)

Campus winter - Library

Simon Building

You will likely have lectures here at some point so make sure you know what it looks like and where it is. The canteen in this building is one of the largest of any buildings on campus and also houses a PC cluster on the top floor of this building(This should be your go to place if both the library and LC is full as it’s just across the road from the LC).


The Student Union Building (the S.U.)

This is the student union building, and the biggest students’ union in the UK, it will provide you with the space, resources and support to make the most of your time at University. Many societies will have their stands in this building to promote during welcome week so please make sure you come to this place(again, this is next to our glorious LC)!!


This will be all the places I am introducing to you on this post, you will eventually get to know all the buildings by heart so don’t worry about the ones I didn’t mention here. If you want to learn more about all the different buildings on campus, there will be campus tours given by our student ambassadors during welcome week.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please leave a comment and I will try my best to help.




2 thoughts on “Your beautiful campus

    1. Hi Lina, the Stopford building is located on the south campus on Oxford road is the second largest building on campus. You will be able to find it easily. If not, you can ask one of our student ambassadors and they will guide you there (they will be everywhere on campus during Orientation and Welcome Week)! The building houses the School of Medicine, School of Phamacy and Pharmaceutical Science, and the faculty of Life Sciences.
      Thank you for commenting and reading the blog. If you have any more questions regarding Stopford Building please ask! Hope this has been useful. : )


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